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Classic Style with Modern Amenities

As a Fort Smith, Arkansas staple since 1943, we proudly welcome our neighbors, friends, family, and visitors to enjoy our extensive menu of soul-satisfying comfort foods offered at Ed Walker’s Drive-In.

The oldest restaurant in Fort Smith, our roots date back to the World War II year of 1943.

At that time, we were a gas station where motorists came to fill up their Oldsmobiles, Studebakers, Hudsons, and other future vintage automobiles.

When the owners at the time saw the demand that their hungry patrons exhibited while filling up, they decided to turn the business into a hamburger stand. After receiving an enormous amount of praise for those tasty burgers, more items were added to the menu, and the diner that you see today was officially born.

Given our establishment's rich background, it has always been important for us to preserve history whenever possible, which is why customers can still see the hamburger stand in the building."

A Truly Unique Experience

We offer the ability to dine in style, the way our parents and grandparents did in the 1950’s, but with all the amenities of today’s fine dining restaurants. You will be taken back in time, while enjoying some of today’s most popular dishes.

Simply pull up, flash your lights out front, and we will give you service immediately.

In addition to lunch and dinner options, we also offer refreshing brews. In fact, we are the last remaining establishment to offer curbside beer service in the state.

*Come in for a tasty meal today. To learn more about us, reach us at 479-783-3352 or send us an email at